Backup and restoration of your data

To ensure the security and accessibility of your data, even in the event of an incident, MCS France offers you data backup and recovery solutions adapted to your uses and constraints.

Business data backup and recovery

Backup and recovery plan

When you want to set up a data backup, it is very important to carry out an analysis in order to define the list of sensitive elements to be backed up (files, databases, contacts, etc.), the frequency of operations, the media and the type of backup.

Data backup within the company

For the backup of your data, we install a NAS on each customer site, calibrated according to the user's actual needs.

This network storage server allows you to centralize and replicate your data on several hard disks using RAID technology. RAID technology is a reliable and proven system used on all computer servers.

Outsourced backup of your data

External data backup (or cloud backup) must be coupled with on-site data backup to ensure optimal protection. This protects the data against damage such as theft, fire, damage to equipment, user errors, etc.

We systematically duplicate the data on two separate Data Centers located in France to preserve the sovereignty of your data. We also set up an incremental update, always on a case-by-case basis.

In fact, in the event of an incident, flood, etc., a simple Internet connection is all you need to restore your data.

Disaster recovery plan

Finally, according to the study, MCS France creates a tailor-made disaster recovery plan with backup solutions on VEEAM servers. All information is stored directly on NAS and not on the local network, which ensures that everything is backed up with all the necessary precautions.

Restoring your data

Restoration is just as important as data backup in the company. But you have to be able to restore your data at any time using a reliable backup system.

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