MCS France expertise for the design and installation of your company's computer network

As the backbone of modern businesses, the computer network must be well designed and correctly installed to ensure fast and reliable access to the internet and data for users.

Surround yourself with MCS France experts to build the IT network your company needs; we will take care of everything after having made a precise analysis of the issues and constraints on your local network.

Design and maintenance of your computer network

A complete offer for a efficient computer network

MCS France will assist you from start to finish with your computer network installation project, from the audit to the installation, including design and cost estimation. We strive to design solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs, without ever losing sight of your constraints.

Audit and installation of your computer network: servers, cabling, installation, ...

Depending on your situation and objectives, MCS France will perform for you:

  • Performance audit of server platforms to identify bottlenecks
  • Risk analysis and intrusion tests
  • Analysis of the existing storage infrastructure and proposals for improvement, in particular for NAS and SAN servers
  • Recommendations and budgeting for the migration of PCs in a Windows environment
  • Design of a storage architecture consistent with the company's constraints and hardware and software environment
  • Design of an enterprise IT architecture that enables user mobility
  • Setting up a secure end-to-end VPN tunnel
  • Thin client architecture design to reduce PC administration costs
  • The configuration of a secure and efficient WiFi network

Services for all needs

Audit and installation

Rely on the experience and skills of the MCS France teams to carry out a complete and relevant audit of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Designed and conducted by experts in network design and installation, the audit includes a battery of performance and security tests, as well as a storage and remote access audit.

This audit allows us to design a network architecture that meets your objectives and to install, if necessary, the appropriate hardware.

Network bay

The keystone of a functional and efficient IT network, the network cabinet, or communication cabinet, provides high-speed access to all devices in your company. It is a crucial element for ensuring quality services and interconnecting all the devices in your network. This equipment will allow you to secure your network installation and reduce the time needed for technicians to operate.

Opt for the robust skills of the MCS France specialists who will select, install and operate the network cabinet sine qua non.

Installation and maintenance of your network bay

Installation of a patch bay with servers by MCS France

IT network security

The digital world is particularly dynamic and brings many opportunities to companies that choose to make their digital transformation, but it also exposes them to new threats that are increasingly difficult to detect.

Thanks to innovative solutions at the forefront of IT security research, MCS France is able to fully secure your IT network and all your data. Our teams rely on a precise audit of your installation, your needs and the threats affecting your company to develop customized and relevant tools.

The Wi-Fi network

For mobility and flexibility needs at the heart of your business, trust our Wifi solution, which will cover all of your premises.

Wiring constraint too expensive? We interconnect your buildings using Wifi or laser bridges according to your needs.

Firewalls / Routers / Switches / 4G & 5G Modems

Need to add a router? Configure a firewall? A switch? Find the recommendations and expertise of MCS France on the whole line, from purchase to update, through installation, configuration, supervision and maintenance.

Cabling and hardware sales

If the right design of the architecture of a computer network is essential, good cabling and quality equipment are just as important!

Take advantage of MCS France's advice for your IT purchases, particularly for rj45 cabling, network boxes and, more generally, connectivity within local networks.

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