The MCS France specificity: unified communications

IP telephony is the most important development in telephony since its advent. It is now integrated into the computer network, which operates partly using the IP protocol, hence its name.

The use of a common communication base between these two technologies has not only allowed the appearance of new services via the coupling of telephony and computers, but also the mutualization of network use.

Fleet management for mobile telephony

Audit and installation

As computer networks were not initially designed to support telephony, this creates a number of network constraints that must be understood, taken into account and mastered for a fully functional solution.

This is why we propose to carry out an audit of your computer and telephone network in order to adapt and size your single or multi-site network architecture. We will study both the existing system and your needs in terms of unified communication.

Fixed telephony: from PSTN to VoIP

Migration from PSTN fixed telephony to VoIP

The end of the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) for fixed telephony has been announced since 2018 to ensure a progressive migration towards more modern technologies (Voice over IP or VoIP).

In this context of change, MCS is committed to accompany you in this technological transition and to bring you the most accurate solution.

Switchboard Telephone

We can propose the installation of your telephone switchboard within the company. This equipment has many advantages for your communication because it allows you to:

  • offer your customers a professional image,
  • provide a personalized welcome,
  • gain in efficiency in the management of incoming and outgoing call flows,
  • save time for your customers,

Take care of your telephone reception by showing efficiency and professionalism while keeping your telephone number.

Installation d'un standard téléphonique par MCS France

Mobile telephony

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Cabling and hardware sales

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