MCS France's expertise at the service of your security

Connected video surveillance systems are becoming more and more efficient and can significantly improve the security of goods and people in many different situations.

As a trusted partner of many companies and organizations, MCS France provides you with IT expertise in the diagnosis, installation and management of your surveillance cameras and security systems, whatever your requirements.

Computer surveillance system for goods and people

Video surveillance solutions for every situation

Analysis of your needs

In order to deliver the best performance, we start by analyzing your needs precisely. This audit will allow us to create a custom-made action plan and to assess which solutions are best suited.

Video surveillance systems in the logistics environment

Far from being limited to the surveillance of incoming and outgoing goods, surveillance cameras in the logistics environment are also a valuable aid for stock management and control.

MCS France offers you innovative and easy-to-use electronic solutions for tracking objects on pallets using an on-board video system or for counting goods and reporting any disappearance.

Your stocks, thus monitored, allow you to reduce losses, both in time and money, while having peace of mind.

Remote surveillance system for airport environments

MCS France is aware of the challenges related to security in the airport environment and has equipped itself with high quality equipment that guarantees you a state-of-the-art surveillance system: behavioral analysis, detection of abandoned objects, taking the temperature of users... Leave nothing to chance.

Surveillance cameras for road traffic

Ideal for traffic management and other applications, surveillance cameras with license plate recognition need to be carefully placed and connected within your network to reach their full potential. Rely on MCS France's expertise to maximize your video surveillance system with recorder.

Highway surveillance camera system

Video surveillance solutions for the COVID-19

Even today, compliance with barrier procedures is still essential and difficult to control, hence the importance of a professional video surveillance system specially designed to detect risky behavior. Opt for the safety of everyone by choosing a video surveillance system that will detect for you the wearing of masks, the temperature of individuals, etc.

COVID-19 individuals temperature screening system

Supply and configuration of surveillance equipment

Whatever your needs, MCS France is your end-to-end partner. In addition to taking care of the design and installation of your surveillance system, we supply the necessary equipment and take care of the configuration. In addition to the cameras, we also supply the recorders (Cluster Servers) and the monitors (video wall for the security PC).

The right access control devices

Find the right access control device for you with the help of a team of experienced professionals, whatever your industry. Always on the cutting edge, MCS France is at your side to choose, install and operate the right system for you.

Whether you choose a keypad, a camera plate reader for opening a gate, a biometric or facial recognition system, a fingerprint or vein print system, etc., MCS France is the conscientious and indispensable partner you need.

Access control system by digicode and/or fingerprint

Anti-intrusion device

Installation of surveillance cameras and thermal cameras

Do you need to effectively prevent intrusions? Equip your site with a modern and efficient anti-intrusion device: radar, thermal camera, video tracking...

Construction surveillance drone

Monitoring solutions

In order to offer you a complete service, MCS France handles the supervision of your anti-intrusion system. We set up scenarios that will be activated in certain circumstances: triggering of a siren, transmission of a remote surveillance alert, dispatch of the police, take-off of drones in case of doubt, etc.

Supervision solutions for your premises, depots and stocks

Intercom systems for comfort and security

Listening to your real expectations, MCS France offers you different intercom, comfort and security solutions, and adapts to each situation.

If you want to set up a contact solution from emergency exits, the car park or to connect the security control room, you can rely on the dynamism and quality of our company.

Parking management solutions

For optimal user comfort and smoother management, electronic solutions are particularly advantageous: variable message signs indicating the number of available spaces, multi-sensor cameras, vehicle location, supervision, etc. These are all solutions that are essential in the field of security and modern surveillance, and for which increased IT knowledge is essential.

Sound system and management of the particular safety plan

Established in 2002 by the government for schools, the Particular Safety Plan (PPMS) aims to put in place a procedure specific to each school to ensure the safety of students and staff in the event of an accident or risk situation.

Each school must have determined the risks to which it is potentially exposed and how to deal with them while awaiting the arrival of the emergency services. There are 4 types of potential risks:

  • Natural risks: flooding, forest fires, avalanches, earthquakes, etc.
  • Technological risks: dam burst, transport of dangerous materials in the neighborhood, industrial accidents, etc
  • Local risks: hazardous industries in the area...
  • Attack and intrusion risks: in force since November 2015

MCS France puts its experience at your service for the sound system and the management of the PPMS of your establishment.

Do you have a video surveillance project to set up? Do you need answers concerning the different anti-intrusion devices? Expertise for the installation of a WIFI surveillance camera? Contact us!

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